The Loft Nightclub every Friday and Saturdays are buzzing…with great DJ’s at the helm, you can be rest assured that we have your party covered. Join us as we play just great tunes and be at the “most happening” venue in Clacton.
Have you been to this newest late night watering hole of Clacton? The Loft, situated above the Cellar bar, provides the perfect environment for a night club, with socializing, dancing and drinking. The Loft is an ideal location for a night out on the town. Offering a tantalizing range of cocktails throughout the evening, The Loft is a club for dancing to the best party classics, funky beats and modern tracks. Areas can be reserved for parties consisting up to a 100 people, with all preferred facilities.
The music is unparalleled. We have something for everyone. The best of the liquor, décor and entertainment this side of the town! Breeze in for an amazing night long experience.

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